Helpful FAQs

Check out some of our frequently asked questions, or contact us if you have a specific issue.

   Blinds, curtains and rod sets cannot be made wider or longer than the largest readymade size in the range.

   Brackets can be mounted three ways – top, side or face mount. This may also be affected by whether your blind will be an inside mount (inside the window frame) or outside mount (mounted on the architrave or outside the frame). For more information about mounts.

   If you choose an inside mount for your block out roller blind, it is important to note that the actual fabric width of the roller blind will be less than the overall measurement to allow for brackets and components. This may create an unavoidable light gap. If you wish to avoid this gap, it is recommended to consider using an outside mount.

   The shortest length any blind, curtain or rod set can be altered to is 45cm.

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